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‘Panch’ meaning FIVE and ‘gavya’ meaning COW. Its main ingredients are cow dung, cow urine, cow milk, cow curd and cow ghee. These elements have the power to cure many diseases. This is very good pest repellent also. There are enormous benefits of Panchgavya. We deliver this product across Tamil Nadu.

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Panchagavya for Plants is perfect for Organic Farming.You can also use this as feed for cattle animals like Cow, Buffaloes, Pigs, Fish, Poultry etc. Since it has many antibodies, you can use it for many diseases in animals and humans.

Benefits :

  • Cow provides manure and makes the soil rich with fertile. Dung resists harmful radiations. so Panchagavya prepared contains earth friendly microbes, which is essential for agriculture.
  • Panchagavya is used production of various medicines, manure, pesticides, dhoop, tooth powder, bath soap etc
  • When applying on plants, it helps in increasing the fruits yield and also quality of fruit increases.
  • Increases the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables.

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