Our Organic Farm

In our farm, we nurture our cows with care. Our cows feed on our own grown fodders, clean drinking water. We leave our cows untied in the shed to keep them fit, as moving freely will reduce bloating. More importantly, we never give hormone injection to our cows for more milk production, Our main aim is to keep our cows happy, happy cows give us more productivity.


Native Farm

We grow our own feed

Our cows feed on natural cultivated grasses and fodder that grow under zero pollution, producing the finest quality milk with abundant nutrients.

India's Best Desi Gir Breed

Desi Gir cows are a famous milk cattle bread of India. Our cows are from the Gir hills and forest of Gujarat, Rated amongst the best desi cow breeds.

Natural and Nutritional Milk

The milk and milk-derived products from these cows are held in high regard for their therapeutic properties.

Our Go Desi Milk Farm Speciality

Best desi A2 Milk as described in Ayurved, accepted worldwide by scientists.
Own-grown Green Fodderand Feeds

Pure Line GIR Cow Breeds

Natural & Pure RAW Milk

No to Hormone Injections

Zero Adulteration & Unprocessed

Direct From Farm to Home