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Avarampoo is highly known for its medicinal values. Avarampoo blooms throughout the year and in our farm we grow it 100% organic, free from pesticides so that our customers can get the full goodness of the Flower. This product is available for delivery across Tamil Nadu.

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Avarampoo is a naturally hydrating and cooling herb, very helpful during the hot summer months in reducing body heat and excessive thirst.


  • Avarampoo extracts is good for the patients of diabetes,because it helps in controlling the sugar level in the blood and it is a natural insulin booster in the body.
    How to Make Tea : The avarampoo should be sun dried and then ground into the powder. This powder can be stored for many days in air tight bottle. Add this powder along with cardamom powder and honey in hot water to make a healthy herbal tea. Avarampoo tea in empty stomach is the best diabetic medication.
  • The antioxidants keeps the skin and body healthy and therefore acts like a natural blood purifier.
  • Avaraompoo juice cures urinary tract problems. It regulates the bowel movement and works as a mild natural laxative.
  • Avarampoo also helps to get a fair glowing skin and face.
    How to use :Add Avarampoo powder with Bengal gram flour and green gram flour. Make a paste of this mixture and apply it on the skin for attractive skin complexion.
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