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We at Meeyazh are committed to deliver fresh and organic products to our customers. We supply Farm Fresh Pure Desi A2 Cow Milk in Madurai Region. Our Organic products are delivered across Tamil Nadu
Our Milk

A2 is the purest, unadulterated type of milk produced by our native cow breeds …

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Our Cows

Desi gir cows are one of the famous milk cattle breed of India. Our Cows are from …

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Our Farm

In our farm, we nurture our cows with care. Our cows feed on our own grown …

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Meeyazh Organics

Certificate from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

FSSAI Certificate
We Think Milk, We Think Cows!

Meeyazh A2 Milk

Meeyazh A2 milk is pure organic fresh cow milk produced by our Native Desi cows. Our milk is fresh because, our milk is directly delivered from our dairy farm to our customers within a few hours. Our cows are nurtured with care. We are able to produce high quality A2 milk because we never give any growth hormones or antibiotics to our cows for producing more milk.


Drink the Right Milk


Why A2 Milk

A2 is the purest, unadulterated type of milk produced by our native cow breed. Therefore, A2 milk is safe for infants, lactose intolerant peoples and for peoples who have a very sensitive digestive system.

Improves Immunity

Increases Metabolism

Provides Omega 3 Fatty acids

Reduces Diabetics Risk

Easily Digestible

Low Cholesterol

Natures's Purest Gifts

Our cows are native breed of Indian origin. Therefore, they can sustain and grow well in their own habitat. For that reason, native cows are well suited for our weather unlike the huge sized foreign breed of cows grown by commercial dairies.

Meeyazh A2 Milk Gir Cow with cattle

Gir Cow

Meeyazh A2 Milk hariana cow


Meeyazh A2 Milk tharparkar cow


Meeyazh A2 Milk Malvi cow


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