Know the Difference

Drink the right Milk

Ordinary Cow Milk(A1) Native Cow Milk (A2)
Non-Native Cows produce milk containing both A1 & A2 Beta Casein.Studies suggest that A1 beta-casein are harmful and cause serious health issues. Native Cows produce milk-containing protein of Type A2-Beta Casein only. A2 beta-casein is a safe & healthy for us. It provides great immune power and disease resistance to our body.
Non-Native Cow milk (A1) is difficult for the body to digest. A2 milk is naturally digestible for all age group.
Non-Native cows are highly prone to diseases, hence requires frequent medication and Anti-biotics. Cerebrosides present in A2 milk increases brain power. Strontium of A2 milk enhances the body Immunity and protects from harmful radiation. Omega 3 in A2 milk cleans the cholesterol deposits of blood vessels.

Pure A2 Milk

A2 is the purest, unadulterated type of milk produced by our native cow breeds. Our cows are nurtured with care, they are fed only with natural foods, greens, vegetables and clean water. We are able to produce high quality A2 milk because we never give any growth hormones or antibiotics to our cows for producing more milk. It is believed that, A2 milk is safe for infants , lactose intolerant peoples and for peoples who have very sensitive digestive system.

Fresh Milk
Fresh Milk

Native Cows
Native Cows


Meeyazh’s A2 Milk

Natural and Nutritional
Enhances Immunity & Intelligence

Quickly and Easily Digestible
Rich Source of Minerals and Beta Carotene

Maintance Energy, Strength, Stamina and Vitality
Strength of Calcium, Protein, Omega3

Proven Medicinal Qualities
Good for Infants, Kids and Adults