Meeyazh A2 milk is pure organic fresh A2 cow milk produced by our Native Desi cows. We are able to produce high quality A2 milk because we never give any growth hormones or antibiotics to our cows for producing more milk.

A2 Cow milk from native desi cows contains protein of type A2 Beta Casein which is safe and healthy for us. It gives good immune power. A2 Milk is easily digestible for all age groups.

Our main cow breed is GIR cow.

Our cows have a balanced plant-based diet of grass and grain. Our cows are fed with natural foods, greens, vegetables and clean water.

Meeyazh A2 milk is 100% farm fresh raw milk without any processing. We add no preservatives. We recommend you to boil the Milk as soon as you receive. We request you to consume the milk same day to get its full goodness.

Yes. Our milk is FSSAI certified.

Yes. It is safe for Kids, Pregnant ladies, lactating mothers and elderly people. Our A2 milk is pure, unadulterated. We don’t give any hormone injections to our cows to increase milk production. Hence Meeyazh A2 milk is safe and healthy for all.

we guarantee you that our milk is fresh because we milk in the morning and chill it immediately to avoid any form of bacterial growth and we deliver to our customers within few hours.

If you are a customer residing in and around Madurai, we can deliver our A2 Milk to your doorsteps. We currently don’t deliver outside Madurai, we are working on expanding our territory.

A2 Milk is delivered to your doorsteps before 7 am.

Yes. We recommend you to inform about it to your delivery executive at least a day before. No of missed days will be reduced in your monthly subscription amount.

Yes. You can increase or decrease the quantity of the Milk need. Kindly inform about the change to your delivery executive in advance. Your will charged based on the quantity you received for that month.

Yes. We do bulk deliveries as well. We request you to call or WhatsApp to this number 9944254537 to confirm your order.

A2 Desi ghee is a class of clarified butter. The butter is made from A2 Milk which we produce from our own farm. It is traditionally prepared to retain its quality and natural goodness.

Ghee has been often referred as unhealthy / too rich for the body / high in fat, but these are all true if you prefer synthetic commercial ghee. Pure Desi ghee is prepared with butter made from our A2 milk. When you add A2 Ghee to your diet, it helps you stay warm, provides high A2 protein, maintains good fat in your body.

Paneer is said to be a rich source of protein. A2 Paneer is made from A2 milk produced from our own farm. A2 Desi cow milk has enormous nutritional health benefits. Hence Paneer prepared from A2 Desi milk has more health benefits compared to the commercially available paneer. A2 paneer is rich in folate which is very essential for pregnant women.

Native Indian desi cows yield less milk when compared to other foreign breed cows. Our milk is naturally pure, fresh and chemical-free because we never give hormone injections to our cows. Milk production cost is higher as our cows are fed on a plant-based diet of grass and grain. A balanced plant-based diet of grass and grain. We naturally and manually do milking which results in less but pure yield. A2 Ghee and A2 Paneer preparation require a large quantity of A2 milk. Hence the price looks expensive and most of our profit goes to the promotion of dairy farming and maintenance.

  • We deliver A2 milk in and around Madurai only.
  • Our other A2 dairy products like Ghee and Paneer are traditionally made without any preservatives. We home deliver it across Tamil Nadu.
  • Organic fruits guava and Chikoo are harvested on the right time. Hence it will be in the right stage to consume for customers by the time it reaches them, we home deliver them across Tamil Nadu.
  • Avarampoo Flower and Panchagavya are available for Home delivery across Tamil Nadu.

Please contact us. Our charges differ based on areas depending on the distance. Please contact us to find out the rate for your location.

You can order and pay online at by Credit card / Debit card / Netbanking / UPI / Wallets. For the A2 Milk subscription, you can pay directly to our delivery executive.