Meeyazh milk is fresh, pure and healthy A2 cow milk home delivered to our Customers. We are one of the very few natural GIR Cow A2 milk producers in Madurai Region.

Our cows feed on our own-grown green fodders. Our pure line GIR cows are well maintained in natural & healthy environment, produce natural raw milk without any harmone injections. Our A2 milk is hygienic, unadultrated and unprocessed.

We also sell dairy products which is produced from our Meeyazh A2 Organic cow milk. Our organic products are produced by natural way of farming without use of pesticides or growth hormones. We home deliver farm fresh organic products across Tamil Nadu. We are delivering A2 Gir cow milk to customers in and around Madurai and we are working on expanding our territory soon.

Healthy Cows

Desi gir cows are one of the famous milk cattle breed of India. Our Cows are…

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Clean Farm

In our farm, we nurture our cows with care. Our cows feed on our own grown…

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Pure Milk

A2 is the purest, unadulterated type of milk produced by our…

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Happy Customers

We always provide the best milk for our best customers to lead their life in a healthy way.

Meeyazh A2 Milk Gir Cow

Know Your Milk


Hormones Free

Our cows are fed a plant-based diet. Our cows are not treated with growth harmones


Our Healthy Cows

Our cows are nurtured with care. They are fed only with natural foods, greens, vegetables and clean water.


Traditional Milking Process

Cows will have trouble adjusting to milking machinery which will their stress level and affects milk quality


Gir Cow

Our cow milk contains amino acid which fights with diseases like obesity, joint pain, asthma, mental problems.